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Wes Altice Golf

Wes Altice Golf

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Hi, my name is Wes Altice; I’m the Director of Instruction for Top Golf in Jacksonville, Florida.

I’ve devoted myself to understanding the body’s function and relation to the golf swing. The education I have received from multiple organizations puts me in an elite group of instructors that are at the cutting edge of teaching the game. I believe golf is a sport that should be practiced and played with an athletic mindset. Instructing junior, novice, and touring professional golfers on the fundamentals of producing consistently lower scores is my definitive goal. I provide clarity and understanding and equip you with the correct drills and practice methods to successfully improve your golf game. Taking lessons here at Topgolf is a fun and exciting way to learn the game of golf!!

I take great pride in seeing my clients improve their golf game and the enjoyment of shooting lower scores. We make it a priority here at Topgolf to stay up to date with all new technology and teaching methods so we can help any student improve.


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